How I Self-Cared in April

April is coming to a close and I’m here to tell you a little bit about how I self-cared this month. As always, the intent is not to be self-indulgent, but is instead to remind myself to engage in intentional self-care every month, and to hopefully give you a couple ideas of how to do the same.

I’m writing this Sunday night, and I have to be real: blogging is not on my self-care list for tonight. So, I’m gonna make this a short little post and then give myself the self-care time I need (which will involve reading, meditating, and watching Silicon Valley).



This month I dove back into journaling, and I’m really, really happy I did. I have been journaling since I was in like, second grade, so I’ve always considered myself a journaler (which, guys, is apparently not a word. Identity Crisis: Ensue). What I realized though, after I entered a stable relationship, was that so much of my past journaling was just musing about crushes! So cliché, right? But I found that when I sat down to journal about greater life things, actual exploration of personal goals and flaws and challenges, it was…harder. It wasn’t as fun to write about something that was bothering me and dig into the deeper reasons why. So I kind of put it off. I recently realized though that I missed it, and not even just missed it, but I thought I might need it. I had so many thoughts in my head that bothered me, but then just stayed on the surface and festered. I finally reached a breaking point of muddled thoughts and picked back up the journal. It’s been great. It’s still not always easy to initiate writing, but after I do it I feel like I just did a little brain detox. Released the bad stuff and gained a little clarity. It’s nice to spend an hour with a candle and your thoughts once in a while.



Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder: A gentle exfoliant that rids the skin’s surface of its dead skin cells. This product leaves your skin so soft without scratching it with harsh beads or particles, like so many other physical exfoliators. Exfoliating is important because it allows your other serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your skin.

Fresh Rose Face Mask: This is one of those products that maybe does nothing for my skin but I just loveeee how luxurious it is. If you sign up for a Sephora card, you can get a mini of this mask for free during your birthday month. It’s supposed to be hydrating, but I mostly love it because it feels cooling and smells like roses. So perfect for self-care Sundays.

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Treatment: This Argan oil-based treatment is super hydrating and feels like heaven sinking into your skin. I love putting this on before bed and letting my skin soak it up while I watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. Just one of those luxurious, fancy feeling products that makes my night feel special whenever I use it.

How did you self-care this month?? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Thumbnail photo by Julia Janeta