How I Self-Cared in February

I apologize for kicking this post off with some cliché small talk, but seriously HOW is it the end of February?? It actually like, freaks me out. Time moves so fast. It’s so important that we make the most of it!

In continuing on with my tradition, I’d like to share my end-of-the-month “How I Self-Cared” round up. Reflecting on this month…I think I could have done a little better with my daily self-care practices.

This was a month of transition for me, because, if you’ll remember my recent post about the difficulties I was having finding a social work related job, well – I found one! I’ll be working in the field of substance abuse treatment, and I’m so excited for all the learning and growth that’s ahead of me. With that change, I’ve had to settle into a new work / leisure schedule that has taken some getting used to, but I’m looking forward to finding the flow in the month of March.

Without further ado, here’s my February self-care in a nutshell!


This month, Judd Apatow’s Love was released on Netflix, and I was obsessed. I talked to one of my bff’s (and loyal blog readers) about this show and we were laughing because our consumption of it was reallyyy teetering on the “active vs. passive relaxation” line, based on how much we watched in one sitting. But if you watch like 4 episodes of something in a row but are truly enjoying it every step of the way…isn’t that still self-care?

If you’re tempted by that Netflix-binging lifestyle, this could be a good show for you because I found that it’s fun to watch multiple episodes of and it also makes you think. The season revolves around the unlikely connection between two very different people, and their journey either pulling away or pushing a little too hard towards each other. The themes of co-dependency, addiction, and self-sabotage are really thought-provoking, and played wonderfully by Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs (actors I have actually loved for a while, thanks to their appearances on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast – another great resource for comedy lovers lookin for some self-care). I feel silly whenever I write these mini TV or movie reviews because like, what do I know?? But trust me. It’s effortlessly funny and it’s not your average rom-com. You’ll like it.


A friend who lived in Santa Barbara, California recommended some great spots in the area, so my hunny and I decided to go on a little day trip to celebrate 6 years together. It really reminded me how necessary it is to get out of our normal surroundings every once in a while. The awesome thing about this trip was that it required such little planning and effort. We drove about an hour and a half away and just kind of strolled around, and even something as simple as that made for an amazing day. We went to some wine tastings, walked along the ocean, went into some shops, got a great pizza, ate a little ice cream, then went along on our way and were home by like, 8:30! I’m excited that I already knocked out one of my 2016 goals (to visit a new city) and I want to make an effort to do things like this more often. For anyone who feels like they’re in a bit of a rut or lacking some life excitement, Google “Places to go on a day trip near [your city].” I think it does a lot of good for the soul!

Productivity Practice

When I was working from 8-5, I’d wake up my roommate (and, conveniently, love of my life) before heading out for work and he’d write for 2 hours before his own job started. I was really inspired by this, but with my schedule, that would require me waking up at like 4am everyday. Now with my new job, which starts much later in the morning, I can actually join him! I wanted to wake up early and work on either creative pursuits or professional growth readings because I liked the idea of slow mornings that could set my day off right.

I also remembered an old post from Jess Lively’s blog that apparently inspired me enough to stick with me for years. She writes about being influenced by Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and his idea that we should focus one hour a day on “Sharpening the Saw,” or nurturing our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs. I haven’t read the book, but the blog post seems to imply that we should spend an hour on each of these things a day, but like…I’m not a superhuman over here. I did find it to be a further motivator, though, for getting up an hour early and spending time either working on my blog, reading, or anything else that might nurture my mind. I’ve only gotten to do this for a week, since my new job just started, but I am really loving it so far. It sets my day off with some control and productivity, which leaves me inspired and boosts my mood. I know it’s so hard, but if you’re in a position to get up an hour earlier than usual to nurture your physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs, I’d really highly recommend it!

Hope you all had a February full of self-care! Now, onto March!

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