How I Self-Cared in January

I was planning to go easy on the posting this week -- I just made my big move from Wordpress and feel like I may still have some site-designing to do. BUT this is my last post of January and I made a commitment to write about my self-care practices at the end of each month, so I'm doing it! I'm trying to stick to the goals I set for myself this year - crazy, right?

Relax & Glam

I took a long vacation from work for the holidays, and I took advantage of it by pampering the f out. My sister got me my first Lush products - a face mask and a bath bomb - and I couldn't believe how much I loved them! If you're a bath-taker, I highly recommend you try a bath bomb. It's kind of a chalky sphere that you just drop into the bath water once you're done filling the tub, and you watch it fizzle, spilling out an amazing color and scent. It must have essential oils inside it to make it smell so good, and I also thought it made my skin softer. It's perfect for when you really deserve a treat. The face mask I got was freshly made, so it had an expiration date of about two weeks after purchasing, and I thought it was cool that the ingredients are so natural. 

lush bathbomb self-care
lush face mask self-care


I've been loving Brene Brown's Daring Greatly so much that I've already written a post based on it...and I haven't even finished the book! No matter how much I love a book, I can find myself getting eager to start the next one about halfway through the first, but I'm really trying to stick to intentional reading this year. I want to commit to one book (or okay, one fiction book and one nonfiction book) and use that as motivation to read more, finish the book quicker, and move on to the next one! I'm certain I'll write more posts based on Daring Greatly. Brene uses actual research to support her thoughts, but she writes in a seriously approachable way. Her book is sort of a model for what I want this blog to be; a resource that inspires women to get comfortable with their thoughts and emotions, take ownership of them, and always try to be the best version of themselves possible. 

brene brown daring greatly self-care reading


I'm a pop music lover through and through, which often leads to embarrassingly over the top enthusiasm when a Justin Bieber song comes on at a restaurant. In high school and college I was a true music elitist, which in some ways was great, because I just loved music so much that assessing it as good or not good and analyzing why was fun and meaningful for me. But in another way, it kind of negatively influenced my ability to just think, "Hey, I like this song!" without internally agonizing over whether I was too embarrassed to listen to it. So...thats something I'm working on. But in the meantime, I'm comforted by the album Art Angels by Grimes, a super up-beat, feel-good pop album that also is something you can talk about at parties for a couple extra cool points. 


  • TV: This month I finished watching the Netflix series Making A Murderer. Guys...I don't even know if I'd recommend it. It's super depressing in regards to how the social justice system works, and it just really crystallizes the ways that class, education, and family history shape what happens to us. Definitely an interesting and eye-opening series that has taken the nation by a storm because it makes just that crazy of an impression on you.
  • Health: This month I stocked up on mason jars so I could have easy grab-and-go containers for smoothies and overnight oats. These are some recipes I've been using: Peanut Butter Overnight Oats (really perfect for bringing to work) and a Berry Smoothie with only a few ingredients!
  • Fitness: I wrote about my 2016 goal to get more active, and I'd say I'm doing...okay. Which is a lot better than bad! I have been stretching almost nightly and am going to do this yoga video for the second time this month today. This goal is allowing me to practice the thought that doing something (no matter how small) is always better than nothing.

How did you practice self-care this month? Comment below!