How I Self-Cared in December

I thought it’d be fun to start doing a monthly round-up of things I’ve been enjoying lately…putting my self-care practices out there for you all to see, as a sort of double-edged inspiration sword. It’ll help put the pressure on me to stay on top of my self-care, and hopefully inspire you to do the same! So here we go: how I self-cared in December.


BROOKLYN, from left: Emory Cohen, Saoirse Ronan, 2015. ph: Kerry Brown/TM and ©Copyright Fox
BROOKLYN, from left: Emory Cohen, Saoirse Ronan, 2015. ph: Kerry Brown/TM and ©Copyright Fox

I feel like this was such a great month for my eyeballs. Earlier this month I saw Brooklyn, a predicted Oscar frontrunner about an Irish immigrant torn between the old and the new – the familiar and the exciting. I thought this was going to be a Nicholas Sparks-type cheesy romance and I honestly didn’t really want to see it, but I was stunned by its gripping beauty. I was incredibly invested the whole time and crying for half of it.

I also loved the series finale of Fargo, a miniseries that closed its second season on FX this month. This is not for the lighthearted; sooo violent, ahhh. I admittedly had to close my eyes at least once every episode, but it felt worth it – the story surrounds so many interesting characters, from members of two very different gangs, a small town Midwestern couple that can only be described as the image that comes into your head when you hear the word “folks,” and a noble police force just trying to do some good. Really exciting series making thought provoking comments on family dynamics, race, and always wanting more.

And of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Seriously great action movie, and I hasn’t seen any Star Wars movies til like a month ago. Not much to say about this one except go see it – all the great things you’re hearing about it are true.


December marked the return of super popular, super addicting podcast, Serial! The second season follows Bowe Bergdahl, a United States soldier who fled his post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was captured and held by the Taliban for 5 years. He was returned to the U.S., but not without some controversy (and mystery). The first season of Serial frustrated me at times, but I ultimately think of it fondly. I am really curious to hear how this more culturally relevant and politically topical season will progress.



Being home means reuniting with my best friend! She found this really cute tutorial for making monogrammed clay keychains. This was a great little gift for some loved ones in my life, and it was fun! Really pretty stress-relieving, to be honest. Getting into a craft can be the perfect healthy distraction when you aren’t feeling the best. We found all the supplies easily at Michael's craft store.


And of course, I’m working away at Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden adult coloring book. This thing is no joke!! Her illustrations are incredibly detailed and just really, really beautiful. I’ve liked sitting down to color while watching TV, talking to a friend, or just sitting in silence. You really get wrapped up in the coloring and it becomes almost meditative. This is great for creativity and stress relief – even for the non-artist!

I wanna hear yours! How have you been self-caring in December? And what are your self-care plans for January?