Making a Meditation Corner

I have to start out this morning’s post about how to make a cozy little meditation corner with a confession: I no longer have this cozy meditation corner. I could probably have written this as if I did and no one would have called me out, but honesty is my curse and authenticity is my burden. This corner was photographed when I was living alone in Austin, but I love it a lot so I just have to give it a post on this blog. Maybe I will one day make another space like this in my Los Angeles apartment – I should, because I loved it – but for now, please enjoy with me the memory of my amazingly calming, warm-fuzzy-giving meditation corner, and check out the following key ingredients to making a meditation corner of your own.



All the candles you can get your hands on. Especially the kinds with natural wood wicks that make a crackly fireplace-sound when you burn them. Mmmm. Be picky about the scents before you buy. Burning a candle that smells amazing to you will change the vibe of your room and can lighten your whole mood.


More mood changing, scent-inspired happiness. Incense has a much stronger smell than candles you may be lighting, so I tend to only burn a mini stick once in a while and it’s enough for me. I like it most when I really want to intensely center myself and focus on something, like journaling. Also, super relaxing to watch the smoke dance up toward your ceiling. Take deep breaths and just watch.

Special objects that mean something to you.

My corner had a music box my boyfriend gave me as a memory of our perfect trip to San Francisco 4 years ago. I also had a bunch of shells I collected that I think are pretty.


Figures of inspiring leaders.

This is where my lil Buddha statue and my Buddha candleholder came into play. When I look at them, they bring me peace and remind me to breathe and to trust. Figures of Jesus or angels could also be inspiring for some. The figures don’t have to be religious, or if they are, you don’t have to follow the religion that they represent. Just collect little statues that inspire you in some way.

A meditation pillow.

This was gifted to me by my friend and I loved it. I had gone without one for a long time so I don’t think it’s necessary, especially if your corner is carpeted, but I love how it really puts me in the right frame of mind to have some quiet time, and I really like the slight elevation it gives. Somehow I feel like it makes me more open to the universe.

Wall decorations.

Wall decorations can be added and subtracted as the year goes on. My corner contained inspiring images, some artwork, and two collages I’ve made - one was just for fun and one is my vision board! Ahh I love my vision board. So fun to make and so inspiring to look at. Vision boards are a great way to remind yourself what you want and what you are working for.

Your meditation corner is your personal, sacred space – allow it to shift and shape itself naturally as you do more, think more, and collect more. Your values and perception of meaningful objects might change over time. Be open to that and accepting of it. Your meditation corner is unique to you and should be created with no intention of pleasing anyone but yourself.

What would you put in your meditation corner? Comment below! I love hearing ideas!

Thumbnail image by Susana Fernandez.