Shop for the Holidays (& Support Mental Health Along the Way!)

It’s the Season of Giving which is awesome, but that kinda also makes it the Season of Spending, which doesn’t always feel awesome. The good news is that there’s a way to give and spend and feel awesome about every part of it.


Below are some holiday gift ideas from strong, ambitious, and talented mental health advocates who are generously donating some (or all) of their profits to mental health causes around the world. This holiday season, why not kill two birds with one stone and give a loved one a gift that also supports mental health efforts?

(“Kill two birds with one stone” is a kind of malicious phrase, right? Should I change that to like, “double dip”? “Double Dip into your to-do list and shop for gifts while supporting mental health?” I feel like that doesn’t work but it’s nicer so let’s go with it.)


Mental health is my first passion and skincare is my second, so I was so excited to discover that philosophy, a luxurious skincare brand that can be found on their website or at Sephora, donates 1% of their profits to community based mental health organizations. For a big brand like philosophy, 1% can make a lot of money. They have a goal to provide direct mental health access and support to 1 million women in 5 years – let’s help them get there! I love their Purity Made Simple face wash and the Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating wash.

For more on how philosophy is helping the mental health cause, click here and here.

Eternal Essence Candle Company

I found out about this company through a write up on People Magazine’s website (yeah ok, I kind of love celebrity gossip…I know, I know…but hey, it brought me to this great mental health discovery sooo it’s totally fine). Eternal Essence Candle Company was started by Alexis Kauchick, a 17-year-old badass mental health advocate and entrepreneur who was affected by the deaths of mentally ill loved ones. 100% of profits for her handcrafted soy candles are donated to community programs that support a variety of mental illnesses. She has raised over $70,000 for mental health agencies by selling an incredible variety of candle scents. You’ll absolutely find one that fits your scent preferences. Let’s help her cause!

Wear Your Label

Wear Your Label is a Canadian organization that is working to break the stigma of mental illness through fashion. I absolutely love this idea – wearing your support for mental health loud and proud, sparking conversation about mental illness and emotional health. The organization partners with mental health agencies in Canada and elsewhere, contributing a portion of their proceeds to these organizations, but it also attacks the mental health cause by saturating our daily lives with fashion and accessories that raise awareness and create dialogue, which works to end the stigma of mental illness. My favorite part of their shop is The Bracelet Project, which “unites fighters, survivors, and supporters” of mental illness. Each bracelet (either threaded or gemstone) symbolizes support and awareness for a particular mental health challenge (depression, anxiety, ADHD, self-injury, and so many more) and 10% of proceeds go to their mental health partners.

I AM THAT GIRL collaboration with Bing Bang NYC

I AM THAT GIRL is a Los Angeles-based organization that focuses on the physical, emotional, and mental empowerment of girls everywhere. I am a new regular contributor for the I AM THAT GIRL blog, and I am so proud to contribute to such an awesome organization. Through local chapters and online initiatives, I AM THAT GIRL creates a connection between girls all over the world, encouraging support and love for one another, as well as a safe space to talk about tough stuff like mental illness. The organization collaborated with Bing Bang NYC to create a beautiful gold necklace, with 100% of the profits donated to I AM THAT GIRL programming. The necklace is made of 14k vermeil charms that symbolize balance, union, growth, and renewal, and a gorgeous Swarovski crystal. The “I AM” and “THAT GIRL” charms let you wear your support for the organization loud and proud.

What are your favorite shops or collaborations that benefit the mental health cause? I would LOVE to know! Comment below :)