What Are You Avoiding?

Last weekend, my best friend came to visit me in Los Angeles and we engaged in some serious self-care – I’m talking spas, hot tubs, museums, and kombucha on tap. And even though her whole trip was filled with non-stop fun and a lot of new experiences, the weekend was truly ignited by our first stop: tarot card readings with a psychic. 

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Don't Take It Personally

“It’s not all about you.”

“Nobody’s thinking about you that much.”

“You don’t have that much power.”

At first glance: rude statements, right? I admit, I’m a sensitive soul, but I think most would agree that these quotes seem to come with a little sting. 

Well, sometimes when we are spiraling downward into a black hole of negative self-talk and harsh self-criticism, we have to be a little blunt with ourselves.

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Vulnerability in Practice

Daring Greatly and Brene Brown's TED Talk have made vulnerability a hot topic in the personal growth world. This week, in the midst of gabbing on and on about how I feel, what’s going on in my head, what I fear, the times I’ve failed, the things I am searching for in my life and still not getting, I had a thought.

Maybe I’m too vulnerable. 

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Breaking Up Your Routine

Yesterday I got a phone call from a great friend back home (please pause in a moment of appreciation for how warm and cozy the sound of old friends’ voices are) who is in a bit of a slump. “I’m just trying to do things to break up my routine,” she said.

I related to that completely. When we go about our days in that same old, same old way that we always do, things start to feel…boring. And maybe kinda depressing. Wake up, work, relax, sleep, repeat. Again. And again. Forever. Til we die.

Nice, right?

You and I want more than that. We want to live a life that we want to savor. The exciting moments – the milestone events, the travels, the career advances. But also the slow moments….the reading on the porch, a filler episode of one of your favorite TV show, that first sip of coffee on a Saturday morning. When our everyday lives become mundane, I think we’re tricked into thinking we need something big and exciting to happen to get us back on our feet. Things become so boring that we think we’re falling deeper and deeper into the “boring life” pit, and we can only be pulled out by the rope of some skydiving trip or marriage proposal.

I don’t buy that. I’m a strong believer in the power of the little things - though I do think that the little things stop bringing us enjoyment when we stop looking for them, and when we get sucked into the same routine, it’s so much easier to do that. 

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