What Are You Avoiding?

Last weekend, my best friend came to visit me in Los Angeles and we engaged in some serious self-care – I’m talking spas, hot tubs, museums, and kombucha on tap. And even though her whole trip was filled with non-stop fun and a lot of new experiences, the weekend was truly ignited by our first stop: tarot card readings with a psychic. 

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Don't Take It Personally

“It’s not all about you.”

“Nobody’s thinking about you that much.”

“You don’t have that much power.”

At first glance: rude statements, right? I admit, I’m a sensitive soul, but I think most would agree that these quotes seem to come with a little sting. 

Well, sometimes when we are spiraling downward into a black hole of negative self-talk and harsh self-criticism, we have to be a little blunt with ourselves.

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Vulnerability in Practice

Daring Greatly and Brene Brown's TED Talk have made vulnerability a hot topic in the personal growth world. This week, in the midst of gabbing on and on about how I feel, what’s going on in my head, what I fear, the times I’ve failed, the things I am searching for in my life and still not getting, I had a thought.

Maybe I’m too vulnerable. 

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